Poetry-led Walk!

We are getting ready for our first creative, exploratory walk in Bretton: the Poetry-led walk; taking place on 1 April (meeting at 10.15am at the Pyramid Centre, Bretton).

We are really excited to be working with locally acclaimed poets Keely Mills, Pete Cox, Anita Nayyar and Charley Genever; many of whom already know Bretton intimately.

To give you an idea of how the event will unfold; during the walk each poet will perform a Bretton-inspired poem, performed in-situ at the site of inspiration. With each poem offering a new way of seeing green spaces and local features; those that we might otherwise overlook…

After the walk, Keely Mills will lead a workshop to help us write our own Bretton inspired poetry, using fun exercises that will make the act of writing poetry seem like a doddle!

(And for all those local to Bretton, Keely has asked that you please bring photos of paper clippings about Bretton if you have any to share.)

If you have any questions at all, or you have a Bretton-inspired poem you’d like to share, please do get in touch!

The Surrealist Sportsman’s Club (featuring Pete Cox) have already produced a poem that approaches the Township through a poetic lens.

Have a read of their fantastic piece; ‘The Andre Bretton Ritual’ here (and look out for the reference to the Pyramid Centre!

I for one had not previously acknowledged that Bretton shares a name with renowned Surrealist Andre Breton…and now, whenever I hear the name Bretton, I think of oh so much more….



We hope this piece has spiked your interest and curiosity, and that lots of you will be joining us for the walk, on 1 April.

See you there 🙂

Katy (Bretton Greens team)

This project is funded by Peterborough Presents.

Working in partnership with Better Bretton and the wider Bretton Community

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