Collecting Memories

We’ve been out and about collecting people’s memories of North Bretton, in preparation for our memory walk on 8 April!

So far we’ve collected memories from:

Mandy who runs the Oxcart Pub

“We have only been in Bretton for 11 years, running the Oxcart and have met lots of different people, and our biggest memories will be the ones we have loved and lost.
Simon & Mandy”


Julie who runs the wonderful Pyramid Pioneers (with her memory kindly modelled by her son, Dell)

IMG_0164“Fireworks party on Bretton Field. Loads of people”

To give a bit of a back story to this memory, Julie described how a few years ago the Bretton  Lions Rugby Club  hosted a very successful firework night on the middle Bretton Field. She told us how busy it was, with everyone was chatting and having a great time together. Should we try and make this a more regular thing?*

And former resident:

“My memory on Bretton: a good friend at the Oxcart” 

Next up: Bernard from the Parish Council, local resident Jeanne and the staff from the Premier Late Shop 🙂

*Julie has since shared other memories with Bretton Greens and told us about a great evening a couple of summers ago when her and a group of neighbours were chatting out the front of their houses one early evening (with all the children tucked up in bed). After little while into the evening one neighbour brought out a patio table and a can and everyone else followed suit, bringing out a chair and a drink. Julie told us how it was a mixed, diverse group of neighbours from all different backgrounds. Now they talk about having a repeat of the fondly remembered evening one summer soon! Let’s make it summer 2017 🙂

2 thoughts on “Collecting Memories

  1. When it snowed we would “borrow” a bread crate from VG (premier) and go down the big hills by watergall school on them.many happy memories doing this


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