Bretton Greens at The Oxcart Karaoke

Bretton Greens had a great night out this Saturday at the weekly Karaoke night at the Oxcart, that kicks off at around 9.30pm.

Simon and Mandy, the landlords, kindly gave a spot behind the mike before the karaoke got underway to give a shout out to the project. We were also there to collect more Bretton memories and we got a great response from the audience.

We spoke to the brilliant landlord Simon later on in the evening, and he told us how much things had changed (for the better) since him and Mandy had taken the place on, and it shows. The pub is a real community hub in North Bretton. A very welcoming crowd and the comments collected of memories show how close the pub is to peoples hearts (see below for memories).

But as one of memories collected, received by long term resident states: “this is your community as well as mine: use the facilities, make friends not enemies. Life is too short.”
So get down to the Oxcart when you can 🙂

We will be working closely with Simon and Mandy throughout the project where we can, and plan to visit the pub again very soon!

Memories collected from the Oxcart

  • Drinking in the Oxcart with people who mean the most to me
  • After 39 years:- the Pyramid trees were saplings. The focal point was the local pub. Neighbours knew each other and spoke. Race and religion and football club was not a problem most of the time. You was a scouse, cockney, manc, or brummie. A new town with new friends. Things have changed. Nobody knows their next door neighbour or seems to care that the world has changed and not for the better. Whose your neighbour? Who cares? We should this is your community as well as mine: use the facilities, make friends not enemies. Life’s too short. But things have changed when Simon and Mandy took over the Oxcart. Someone finally cared about the lack of togetherness and its slowly getting better. Hip Hip Horray. Time will tell.
  • Cake
  • Walking down to the shops with my Dad and someone waves to him in the car and he says to me “who was that” (and then he waved).
    He always said it doesn’t cost anything to say hello.
  • Meeting Nat McClee
  • Getting barred from Oxcart
  • Getting told off for playing spot against Martins wall;
    Bike rides to Ferry Meadows, trying to get ourselves lost around Bretton
  • Croft Corner – when you could borrow saws, hammers and nails to build your own dens
    The BMX track when they put the first foundations in we used to go on it when it was sealed off…oops naughty!
  • I am a poet and didn’t know it
  • The original Sainsburys when it was where Sport Direct etc. are now
  • Sunday lunch at 1pm then join the queue at 2pm to get into the ice rink to watch Pirates at 6pm
  • Serving hatch at Oxcarts for my Nan’s fags.
  • My North Bretton Childhood memories are great, absolutely loved growing up around here. Climbing trees and making rope swings, also remember the Dyke that ran from Linkside to Brynmore. My Mum always told me never to go near it, but you know children.

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