Grimshaw Woods, Keely Mills

Grimshaw Woods

~ listen here ~

Come, come away from the road,
the explosion of exhausts,
and concrete blocks to the mind.
Over the cat’s eyes into this ancient wood.
It’s a lichen, that breathes oxygen into lollipop ladies.
The tall trees break open the urban grey.
Pushing their fossil aged histories up into the sky.
Like Easter eggs, cracking up the icing of tarmac.
When inside its green smooth shell,
the din of traffic turns down a little,
and birdsong becomes your headphones.
Your body accepts the forest’s phytoncide,
As if it were a bunch of grapes at the hospital bed.
Limbs feel fresher and better somehow.
Cortisol, pulse rate, heart rate, reduces into a breeze.
Bathe in this slip of nature that has been protected-
by the hands of a King, Queen and Fitzwilliam.
And was once sold, then leased back for the annual price-
of just one red blood cell rose.
Instead of fight for fight, it was nature for nature.
A dose of soothing trees to make the path a little brighter.

By Keely Mills

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