Lost in Thought, Anita Nayyer

Lost in Thought

~ listen here ~

I sat in a forest of trees
Rotund hills like waves in high seas
Green emerald smattered with ashen barks of autumn trees
Now long ago memories as blossoms incline
On spindly branches looking down Spreading up
Reaching hopefully for yellow sunlight in summer’s run up
They bloom

I sat in a forest of trees
Turned my back from minten leaves to residential properties
A sign to go home, one to go left, one to go right
But who knows which one is right?

Bretton’s lanes wander and turn
Signposts showing no concern for the actual direction
To my north a question, which way should I turn?
To the south a proud parade of trees standing to attention – perhaps witness to the route of my final destination?

In the background lorries hum
Cars burn with constant ease
Sounding like diesel seashells from beside the sea.
But we don’t see them here, only witness their existence
Birds work hard to cover up for their diesel grime with joyful chime.
As Green mounds close us in to their emerald glow.
Perhaps being lost isn’t so bad here. Where else would I want to go?


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