Our Bretton Greens Easter Egg Hunt!

On Saturday we hosted our Bretton Greens Easter egg hunt and had a great turn out of over 80 children!

We used the Easter Egg hunt as an opportunity to find out what young people in Bretton think about the local public spaces.

We had photo based clues sheets:

At each hiding place there was a question that everyone had to answer. There were no right or wrong answers, it was just about finding out young people’s opinions, ideas and observations about specific spaces and features in North Bretton (or lack of).


Here is a selection of the questions we asked and the more popular answers we received:

Question: Come up with a name for this Pyramid:IMG_0214
Answers: Rocky Pyramid, Egypt and Stone Island


Question: What should we use this stone and space for?IMG_0252
Answers: Make a bigger park, a sand pit, rock climbing


Question: What flowers would you like to see here?
Answers: Daffodils, Roses and Daisys


Question: What does this plant remind you of?
Answers: Pineapple, Palm Tree, Carrot


And here are some of our completed sheets:

On the reverse on the hunt sheets we asked children to draw pictures of what they’d like to see in North Bretton’s outside spaces….(which would also see them get an opportunity to win an extra special egg!)

We had an arts station set up for them to get creative:



We had some really great responses:


The most frequent suggestions were:

1 Swimming pool
2 More swings
3 Football pitch
4 Water feature
5 Tennis courts

Others included: Theatre, Nature Trail, Duck Pond, Stables, Bird Watching Lookout

Below are some of our favourites:



Winners are to be contact this Saturday!

Special thanks to the kind Bretton Belles WI member who donated their Easter hat as a prize…we are happy to report it found a very happy new home!


Thanks also to Better Bretton, Sainsburys and Waitrose for their very generous donations of Easter eggs and refreshments! We couldn’t of done it without you.

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