Ideas for North Bretton: What Could Be

Over the course of Bretton Greens project to date we’ve been collecting residents personal memories of North Bretton, and also their idea for how they would like to see it change in the future. All the memories and ideas we have collected have been added to our Bretton banners: WHAT WAS and WHAT COULD BE, , which we took with us for a walk around Bretton during one of our early events: the memory walk.

Here are some of the ideas we’ve collected so far:


• More stuff for young adults

• [more] Shops

• I think the Community has taken a hit since Bretton Woods Community School closed down 10 years ago. Whilst it wasn’t the most successful school ever, Mr Gribble did his upmost to promote a community spirit. The school was used for a lot of activities which are now lost such as the U3A and other groups. The area needs a community/sports centre to promote this (eg Werrington SC, Bushfield or Hampton) not even more soulless flats that will go on the former school site

• Regular play groups for children on weekends

• Events to bring the community together. When I grew up there all the neighbours knew each other and there were lots of groups and classes like brownies, ballet, Bretton youth theatre, tap dancing, swimming, summer camps at the tennis courts and Bretton albion football team.

• The whole of Bretton needs a good clean up, and the main path needs digging up and re-laying, seems like the council have just neglected it over the past 20 years.

• More youth clubs

• Transform old paddling pool into a community garden

• Photo wall (sculptural wall with photos)

• Make the Oxcart more family friendly, outside tables

• Piazza Pyramid / Artist Studios

• Do something with the play areas

• Lets create a majestic water fountain

• More benches

• More care

• Mayday dancing round the rock

• I would like to see less litter in the park. Really love the park and all the facilities are here. I think it would be nice to have some community exercise classes in the spring/summer eg. yoga

• Polish shop

• Polish shop and restaurant

• More baby play

• Regular trips for the community

• Regular groups for children on weekends

• Somewhere for families to get out of the house

• More family fun days

• Better maintained green saces and more flowers

• New water park

• Swimming pool

• Bird song recordings

• Keep it green / more trees

• Look after green spaces

• New skate park

• Put a sword in the stone

• Pyramid square centre for events

• Italian piazza style space with outside dining area – community space

• Upcycling

• More people

• Walking

• Cycling

• Enjoying “being there” (and not just passing through)

• Lighting in underpass

• Trail markers

• Bird tables

• Education points

• Raised bank would make a good garden

• Murals

• Perennial plants

• Geological trail

• Planters

• Plants which use a lot of space (Bergenia)

• A wind-turbine in former paddling pool site

• Re-open landscape belts along A47

• Enhance links to wider Midland Forest Network

• Focal point and/or cafe to bring life to Bretton park

• What is the history of the stone? could it be a soapbox stone?

• In Todmorden Lancashire they planted vegetables for people to pick

• Somewhere in Manchester people found a little wasteland area and turned it into a little community gardener with a rest area, flower bed and vegetable garden

• New York has the statue of Liberty can Bretton have a historical monument or statue

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