Memories of North Bretton: What Was

Over the course of Bretton Greens project to date we’ve been collecting residents personal, favourite memories of North Bretton, and also their idea for how they would like to see it change in the future. All the memories and ideas we have collected have been added to our Bretton banners: WHAT WAS and WHAT COULD BE, which we took with us for a walk around Bretton during one of our early events: the memory walk.

Here are some of the memories we’ve collected so far:


• I have lived in Bretton my whole life, I remember Bretton park when it was still only mud! I used to attend the nursery at the Pyramid as a child. Lovely ties.

• Seeing the squirrels

• After 39 years:- the Pyramid trees were saplings. The focal point was the local pub. Neighbours knew each other and spoke. Race and religion and football club was not a problem most of the time. You was a scouse, cockney, manc, or brummie. A new town with new friends. Things have changed. Nobody knows their next door neighbour or seems to care that the world has changed and not for the better. Whose your neighbour? Who cares? We should this is your community as well as mine: use the facilities, make friends not enemies. Life’s too short. But things have changed when Simon and Mandy took over the Oxcart. Someone finally cared about the lack of togetherness and its slowly getting better. Hip Hip Horray. Time will tell.

• We moved to Peterborough when I was 9, our dad was caretaker of Heltwate school, and we lived in Ellindon, such a lovely community spirit, all the kids and grown ups would be out in the square, playing French cricket, I also remember building igloos when we had the bad snowstorm of 1978, such good times

• break-dancing down the the cresset and pyramid

• I remember attending the Jubilee celebration on Stumpacre with my friend Sharon. I didn’t live in Peterborough, I was visiting my uncle who lived on Ox close. It was a really lovely day.

• Bretton was a new area we moved from Oxford which was better education wise peterborough is not my birth town but it’s the people, the silver jubilee great pub in its day. The Queen opened the cresset and I was in a lesson at the time she visited we were doing trampolining while her majesty was being shown around the hall by Mr argyle. Bretton woods had potential especially the playing fields, I had a crush on my form tutor miss meredith as you do as a young lad, crofts corner was cool Mary a fellow pupil who was into art painted a lovely murial of Elvis who had just passed in 77 and it was 1978, it was an OK place to be a teenager the youth clubs and the church times were tough for my mum with 3 boys we grew up quickly with out no father around but so did other kids and I have been lucky to have friends alike to drink and go out to places like molins social club the gables, shanghai Sam’s rinaldoes, canters video tek, millionaires and the rest of em and countless pubs Peterborough has changed and its for the worse I’m afraid

• We go to rugby every Sunday

• Open fields and Grimshaw Woods

•  underground heating

• Going to wimpy in Bretton centre with mum for a treat.

• Bretton park sledging in the winter.

• Knowing most of our neighbours around brynmore.

• The green grocers, butchers and thrift shop in the pyramid centre.

• Watching dad playing rugby on Bretton park.

• Sunday lunches at the silver jubilee.

• Raised area of Bretton Park was cross-country running route for Bretton Woods School

• Great place for family, friendly, confined, most things you need

• Learning to ride my bike early in the morning so the lads wouldn’t see

• The kids hanging around the Pyrmaid Centre being mean to passersby

•  We had some fun that year in the snow (1978) we all tended to gather in the ellindon square play as you said French cricket hide n seek rounders you name it we all played it it was a close knit community I was always on me bike and sometimes all the families got together for a bike ride to ferry meadows with the neighbours and had a few sandwiches there so innocent days… And foul language and bad manners we’re not allowed Im sure I got told off by my mums mates and rightly so kids don’t need so much games consoles or smart phones really they need good honest parents that teach discipline and manners and proper role models and parents who are willing to listen and give tough love and be there for em

• Playing football on a Sunday and others playing cricket. Everyone having fun

• I remember photographing the first residents to move to Bretton

• Drinking in the Oxcart with people who mean the most to me

• Cake

• Walking down to the shops with my Dad and someone waves to him in the car and he says to me “who was that” (and then he waved). He always said it doesn’t cost anything to say hello

• Meeting Nat McClee

• Getting barred from Oxcart

• Getting told off for playing spot against Martins wall;
Bike rides to Ferry Meadows, trying to get ourselves lost around Bretton

• Croft Corner – when you could borrow saws, hammers and nails to build your own dens. The BMX track when they put the first foundations in we used to go on it when it was sealed off…oops naughty!

• I am a poet and didn’t know it

• The original Sainsburys when it was where Sport Direct etc. are now

• Sunday lunch at 1pm then join the queue at 2pm to get into the ice rink to watch Pirates at 6pm

• Serving hatch at Oxcarts for my Nan’s fags.

• My North Bretton Childhood memories are great, absolutely loved growing up around here. Climbing trees and making rope swings, also remember the Dyke that ran from Linkside to Brynmore. My Mum always told me never to go near it, but you know children.

• 3 litter pickers now only 1

• Fireworks party on Bretton Field. Loads of people

• My memory on Bretton: a good friend at the Oxcart

• gotta put the blue bridge in there somewhere

• Paddling pool

• Bretton woods

• Crofts corner

• PE in the Cresset!

• The climbing blocks at Bretton centre

• Don millers Trueform

• Thrift shop at the pyramid

• Church at Heltwate

• The paddling pool.

• Backies to the pyramid centre, playing football in hyholmes United, getting threatened with baseball bats at Bretton tennis courts and cut knees at the BMX track

• The silver jubilee!

• Pyramid park ,crafts corner,paddling pool , wimpy, roller skating at the Cresset,torch youth club

• The Queen opening the Cresset

• Bridge that went from Bretton to Walton

• The Beacon pub where sprogs is now

• Molins dirt bike track

• Bretton carnival

• dinosaur climbing frame at crofts corner

• Bretton woods v Jack hunt

• Getting a cross Barr lift off my brother to the pyramid mid week disco from south Bretton. Friday night laser disco at the ice rink!! We walked in those days,I had my white figure skates hanging over my shoulder Happy memories. happy days!!

• The old bretton centre. Middleton school field we held our family bonfires on there walking to St Williams school in the scorching hot summers on our own!! Cycling everywhere,we didn’t have a car back in the day!! Walk, bus or bike…

• Our local policeman on his bike Pc Paul.

• Being one of the first pupils at Middleton Primary school

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