Bretton Greens – Workshops & Exhibition

The next stage of Bretton Greens is now upon us.

The last stage was all about discovering the area in new ways. We did this through hosting creative walks and activities. This included: a poetry walk, memory walk, Easter egg hunt, smell walk and a sports day.

Here are some of our highlights:



Through this re-discovery process we identified some of the great things about Bretton, and some of the things that could do with improving.

We also located key sites in need of a bit of extra care, or drawing attention to (for being hidden assets within the area).


This stage we are now in, is about designing ways to improve/enhance these identified sites, or others, with the discoveries from stage 1 in mind!
– See below for list of identified sites.

We will develop ideas through a series of workshops delivered by experts in gardening, DIY and the Arts.

The 3 winning ideas (voted for by the community at Bretton Festival on July 8th) will then be realised by experts and the Bretton Community over the summer months.

Workshops & Exhibition:

There are two strands of workshops – a series of public workshops at the Pyramid Community Centre, and a series of roaming workshops hosted at the premises of a number of different local community groups: Iqra Academy, Blossom Court Sheltered Housing Unit and Eyrescroft Primary School.

The workshops will all incorporate hands on, creative activities, as we know some people might prefer action over ideas-making:

Our Gardening Workshop, hosted by community rangers at Nene Park Trust, will explore what makes for a wildlife and people friendly gardens and look at easy ways to add colour to outside spaces. We will also try our hand at making seed bombs!

Our DIY Workshop with architect  lecturer and building George Lovesmith will focus on designing ways to encourage birds to the area! During the workshop we will try out collage and model-making.

Our Arts workshop, hosted by public artist Isabella Rose Martin will explore artistic methods for creating play spaces in public spaces. We will try out drawing, collage and model making.

The workshops will take place during an ongoing exhibition: a display of all the material produced during the earlier phase; this includes poems, smell visualisers, the memories and ideas collected, drawings, archival material and art work! This will provide material, all made by the local community, for people to draw upon when designing their idea during the workshops.


See below for the schedule! We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition / workshops!


Here are the sites we identified in stage 1:

Former playground sites:



Former paddling pool site:


Bretton Park:


The in-between residential areas:

18596564_176364389558005_390034797_o (1)

Behind the main square:




Others include Grimshaw Woods, the Pyramid Community Centre and the area around the large rock by Watergall school:






poster (2)-page-001

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