A painted mural for North Bretton!

On 21 & 22 July the North Bretton community got together to paint a new mural with internationally renowned artist Isabella Martin, at the site of the old paddling pool in Bretton Park:

– scroll down for more photos

The mural, designed by local resident Harley (a Year 6 pupil at Eyrescroft School) was also painted by locals residents, and about 40 of them in total..

How did you come up with the design?

The design for the mural was developed during arts workshops we ran with Isabella at Eyrescroft School and the Pyramid Community Centre in the month of June.

In the workshop we asked participants to come up with creative arts based ideas to enhance areas of North Bretton, and specifically ideas that would encourage people to be more playful in public space.

Out of all the ideas we received during the workshops Isabella shortlisted the final three, then at Bretton Community Festival the community voted on their favourite and Harley’s design came out trumps!

Here is his original design:


Why the old paddling pool site in Bretton Park?

This site was chosen because over the course of the Bretton Greens project we’ve met countless residents share with us their found memories of the site from when it was still a paddling pool. However, since the paddling pool was filled by the council (for being unsafe) in it has been left forgotten, now underused and quite neglected.

We thought it would be great to bring this space back into use, and as a place for play once more (although without the swimming this time).

With our site decided, Isabella then interpreted Harley’s design accordingly, turning it into a painted mural. Here is a draft:


How did you bring the design to life?

In order to make the design a reality we needed lots of helpers, and so we invited the local community of North Bretton to come and help us paint, as guided by Isabella.

Over the course of the two days we had about 40 residents come along to help us paint the mural and countless admirers walking past, including children exclaiming that they couldn’t wait to come back and play in the space!

We couldn’t be happier with the final outcome and we hope you like it too. Here you can see the process as it unfolded over the two days! We’d like to say a special thanks to all those who came along to help paint, we could not have done it without you.

20368870_1887063234890488_847936656198403408_o20247768_1887067114890100_6129374535861775651_o20248216_1887067144890097_7737282393787922862_o20247556_1887067111556767_9190120543523391544_o20423901_1887067218223423_4506379433464075567_oIMG_092520232732_1887063351557143_3568780006509346592_o20369516_1887063348223810_9146751400291916043_oIMG_0913.JPGIMG_0929IMG_8831 (1)IMG_881820286868_1887070048223140_6059909580648094888_o20247872_1887069624889849_6406723250227257865_o.jpgIMG_0948.JPG20232860_1887069894889822_33666112140903288_oIMG_0944.JPG20232786_1887069131556565_6225682427812088309_oIMG_0949.JPGIMG_0930IMG_094720287021_1887070521556426_6073000072074156794_o

And, most importantly:IMG_0939

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