Custom-designed Bird Box Installation for North Bretton

On 3rd of August a group of North Bretton residents came together to build a large scale, custom designed bird box installation for North Bretton; with Bristol based Architect and Lecturer, George Lovesmith.


This was one of the 3 final interventions resulting from the Bretton Greens project. The other two are a painted mural and a new community garden!

Why a bird box?

Throughout the whole of Bretton Greens we’ve encountered so many residents who comment on how much they appreciate the sound of bird song in Bretton Park.

Lots of people – young and old – have told us how they feel we need to look after and encourage wildlife, and especially the birds! Plus we know of several very keen bird watchers in the area!

And, if you ever get tired of an unsightly overgrown bush, or piece of litter, you can always close your eyes and enjoy the bird song!

So with all this in mind, thought it was time to give something back to the birds of Bretton.

In June, Architect and Lecturer George Lovesmith ran bird box design workshops at Blossom Court Sheltered Housing Unit and the Pyramid Community Centre.

We didn’t want just any old bird box, we wanted something unique to Bretton, so George ran a workshop to get our creative juices flowing!

The winning idea for a bird box, as voted for at Bretton Festival, was submitted by Lorainne Markham (WI) and Craig Rudd (Bretton Parish Council)

Here was their design:


Where to install it?

We thought long and hard about where to put the bird box, but  soon after our hunt began we hit the jackpot: the front wall of Eyrescroft Primary School.

The site is close to Grimshaw Woods, and so lots of birds are in the vicinity and we hope will get curious…

Hopefully the school pupils will help to look after any birds who chose to make the box their home, and put out bird feed from time to time!

And, the logo for the school is of an owl! Perfect.

The wall:

school wall

George got to work technically translating Lorraine and Craig’s design, with the chosen site in mind.

Whilst their’s had been a seemingly random design, George wanted to reference the site and make the bird box tailor made and site-specific.

Here is what George came up with:

Sht-1-Sheet Title-page-001You will see, on closer inspection, that each element on the bird box references the elements on the school wall: the doors, windows, the gutter and all.

How to realise the design?

We hosted the workshop at Blossom Court so we could work with all the great residents who’d been involved in the design workshop in June.

George came up for the day to lead us through, and with his plans in hand: we got to work.

Here you can see the process unfold over the course of the day! Big thank you to everyone at Blossom Court for hosting us on the day and helping to build!

Now all we need to do is hang the work:


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