Bretton Green’s colourful community garden

On 6 & 10 August we got to work digging, planting and composting to create a new colourful, community garden, behind The Oxcart Pub, with residents from North Bretton: young and old!

The first day we spent clearing the site, and on the second we were planting and ‘mulching’, guided all the while by the wonderful Gareth and David from Nene Park Trust!

Thank you too all the local people who got involved and a special thanks to all the young people who helped out on the second day! You were all great!

Thank you also for everybody’s pledges to help look after the garden and ensure it continues to grow and flourish for years to come 🙂

Here some shots of the finished garden and below you can read more about the process for creating the garden!


How did we come up with the idea for the garden?

The design for the garden was developed during gardening workshops we ran in June at the Iqra Academy and The Pyramid Community centre.

In the workshops we asked people to come up with ideas on how to improve green spaces in North Bretton and add a bit more colour in the process!

Gareth and David shortlisted their favourite three ideas from the workshop, and then at Bretton Community Festival the community voted on their favourite.

The winning idea was designed by a pupil at the Iqra Academy, their idea was for a community garden full of colourful flowers, logs and a greenhouse!

How did you chose the site?

The area we chose, behind the Oxcart, was looking a little run down, overrun with weeds and litter.

The site is well used and visible to lots of the community and so it meant that the garden could be enjoyed by lots of people!

We also know that Mandy at the Oxcart will help keep an eye on the garden, as well as all the great residents at Brynmore 🙂

How did you make the design a reality?

Gareth and David used the design of the Iqra pupil as inspiration, and set to work creatively interpreting the design  (unfortunately we did not have enough budget for a green house!).

We also took inspiration from a runner up idea as well, which included painted log features, to add more colour!

We then got lots of the community together for two days of gardening!

Day  1The grunt work!

We cleared the site of litter and then begun to remove all the weeds.

We cut back unruly trees, pruned bushes and raked the ground.

But with lots of helpers it didn’t take too long!

Here you can see photos of Day 1:


Day 2: Colour arrived!

With Gareth’s design for the site to guide, we began laying out the painted logs and plants where we wanted them and then we got digging.

Once all the plants were in the ground, we fed them with mushroom manure and then cover the area in ‘mulch’.

We then lay grass seed in the areas we’d left bare (which will start to grow again soon!

Here you can see photos of day 2 unfolding! Thanks again to all those involved.

PS. Someone asked during the second day of gardening about how this project is funded. On explaining that it was Arts Council funded they said “lots of people don’t think gardening is art, but I do.” And we very much agree 🙂

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